Damian Patrick Cleary – guitar, fx, sounds

Jonas Bers – electronics, fx, sounds

harbour is an improvised drone duo from the Hudson Valley, New York, comprised of Damian Patrick Cleary and Jonas Bers. it’s beginnings are rooted in early 2006 on a Winter evening when a friend brought their laptop to Damian’s apartment and showed him a recording program. using a cheap synthesizer, a guitar, and secretly recording his two friends in conversation, he recorded the drone/noise laden song “Last Rites for a Dying Machine”. during the humid and rainy Summer of the same year, Damian and his friends Andy Belock, and Tom Whalen, thought to stave off the long Summer nights by drinking beer and playing music. convening mostly in Tom’s apartment above Neko Sushi in New Paltz, New York, the trio, consisting of guitar, bass and clarinet/sax, began with no plan; playing unbridled and unstructured under the name Roman. only a few live recordings exist, though never made public. the “Live Above Neko” sessions laid the bedrock of what would later become harbour. by the end of the Summer, the trio ended, and the three went on to explore other musical outlets. Damian always keeping what they had created, in mind.

a few years later, after various other endeavors, Damian and Jonas met at a party and began the never ending discussion about music and art, and the idea for a new band. Jonas humbly did not reveal the depth of knowledge, ability and experience he had. on a November evening they met at Jonas’ attic studio. combining effected guitar, drone, and live audio mixing/manipulation, harbour was born; a safe haven amidst the storm, a shelter from our growing responsibilities and expectant lives. the rhythms emerging from the improvised ambient drone passages, and searing noise crescendos; the visual projections opening a new, visceral aspect. the two have since toured abandoned mines, mills and caves, Brooklyn basements, warehouses and DIY spaces, Manhattan galleries and Maine wilderness, forgotten storefronts and dusty bookshops, theaters, universities and open fields under the stars. currently, they are prepping for more live performances, and their next recording.

press and praise:

“The [Historical Society] should have sponsored that performance as an installation piece on lost industrial glory. The best kind of exploding noise in a historically significant context I may ever see.”

Ben Hersey, Boston Hassle

“…the sound guy runs to the stage, assuming something’s gone wrong…”

Mike Faloon, Go Metric

“It may bear a resemblence to how you think the center of the earth sounds, or what a single cell of hydrogen fission would sound like if it was slowed down a million times.”

Anthony Tino, Recession Art

“…OCEANIC — achieving waves in sound that mimic the motions of the tides.”

Jennifer Gutman, Chronogram

“..modern witchcraft.”

Nicole LePera, Sun Journal


. – march 2012 (cd-r, lmtd edition of 10 copies)
: – march 2012 (cd-r, lmtd edition of 10 copies)
blood and horns e.p. – march 2012 (cd-r, lmtd edition of 10 copies)
the gloaming – oct 2012 (cd-r)
JDW sessions – oct 2012 (cd-r) (with William Manley of Nightmares for a Week)
black cross – *in progress*







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